4 qualities expected of today’s leaders

Leaders are responsible for overall company performance, It is therefore evident the need to be solid, in order to allow the company to achieve constant growth and success. 

In their hunt for new leaders and senior-level managers, good CEOs often start by identifying the current gaps in their management teams and then seek to hire candidates with the appropriate skills to enhance the existing team as a whole. 

Here we look at a few of the qualities that CEOs regularly consider when it comes to successfully identifying their new senior-level hires. 

Cultural cohesion of leaders

It is important for a leader to understand the importance of building a culture where people feel safe to communicate and where vulnerability is fostered. Using this foundation enables them to work together toward creating alignment, trust, and ownership in their individual functions to support the company’s overall strategic plan. 

Aligned values

Leaders who make up the managment team must possess aligned visions and values and shared motivations to achieve success. The ultimate opportunity for success in today’s employment market comes with the commitment to working hard and being clear and open about what you are passionate about. When asked an interview question such as “What motivates you?” or “Why do you want this job?”, it is imperative to give an honest answer in order to demonstrate whether or not your vision and values align with that of the company and the current team. 

Honesty from the outset will serve to avoid any potential cultural clashes further down the line and ensure that, by hiring employees whose passions fit with the ideologies already in place, the team, and therefore the company, will excel in whatever they set out to accomplish. 

Skills specific to company objectives

An important factor when assessing potentially suitable candidates is the ability of the interviewee to translate their previous accomplishments into benefits that are specific to the organization. A candidate can be fully prepared for this by carrying out comprehensive research on the company in advance including any planned objectives that align with the skills you possess. Communicating your thoughts and ideas about how you could draw on your previous achievements and experience to assist the company to achieve those goals not only demonstrates an understanding of the organization and its needs but also what contribution you are likely to make in tackling their current challenges. 


They can ascertain from your resume that you have great experience in your field but what other attributes are these experienced hirers looking for when taking on a new member of the management team? Beyond your past experience and an impressive list of qualifications and appointments, CEOs will want to delve a little deeper. It is important for them to know who you are, the core elements of your character, and how you will integrate into their culture while bringing a fresh perspective to the table. 

Experts advise that when offered, it’s a good idea to take the opportunity to ask questions. The strategic use of questioning at the end of the interview process can further demonstrate your strengths and play a crucial part in securing that highly coveted role. 

At Marble we are convinced that the selection of leaders is a crucial decision for organizations and that it must be taken in a very strategic way and always thinking about the future of the company. That is why, with structured processes with state-of-the-art technology, experience, qualified personnel and knowledge of best practices, we help companies to select the people who will contribute to the growth and guarantee the future of the company.  

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