Finding the right leader is a challenge, we asume it

Finding the right leader is a challenge, we asume it

At Marble Headhunter we strongly believe that leaders transform and empower the growth of organizations.


You will be attended by consultants who not only understand the macroeconomic reality of your market, but also have permanent interaction with the leading organizations in Latin America.

We are part of Talenta 365, a technology and innovation center specialized in human talent.

We are pioneers in developing technologies and good global practices. We work with globally patented assessment systems created by Harvard experts (Ph.D G. Borofsky), of which we are exclusive representatives for Latin America.

A systematic view of organizations

To develop LATAM leadership

Fortune companies in the region


Executive Ratings
Consultants in LATAM


Marble Headhunter will build a close and trusting relationship, study and understand the structure of current and future challenges for your business and organizational culture to ensure superior solutions.

Every customer
represents a success case
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Digitalización de atracción, selección y marca empleadora

Soluciones tecnológicas en evaluación y desempeño del talento humano

La fuente #1 a nivel mundial en síntesis de libros de desarrollo profesional y personal.

El proveedor líder en soluciones de aprendizaje de inglés comercial para organizaciones globales

La plataforma de bibliotecas digitales líder en contenido a nivel mundial

Intercambios empresariales y autores para conocer las tendencias, tecnologías y prácticas en talento humano a nivel global

 Digitize your employer branding, atraction and recruiting process in one place

Technological solutions in evaluation and performance of human talent

The #1 worldwide source in synthesis of professional and personal development books.

The leading commercial English learning solutions for global organizations

The World’s Largest Content Digital Library Platform

 Business exchanges and authors to learn about  technologies and best practices in human talent at a global level

We know how great leaders can achieve the challenge of driving growth