CEO´s search and board

We believe that the selection of board members and CEOs is the most relevant decision that an organization would take, in Marble Headhunter we which is why we know and continue to study and analyze the required intellectual capital constantly for each sector of the market to lead growth and evaluate success.

Through our experience in Latin America, we guarantee cutting-edge technology and good practices that allow us to correlate your company’s organizational strategy with the best profiles.


Executive Search

Leadership is an ever-evolving skill, but the need for high-performing executives remains constant. We are convinced that talent and knowledge are the main determinants of the growth of organizations. Identifying, attracting and selecting leaders requires a rigorous approach to assess the probability of success of executives in specific roles and situations; We carry out an in-depth understanding and research of the different industries and functional roles, we have high-level professional contacts and networks that provide us with unique access to the best talent.

Our innovative and time-tested approach enables clients to maximize resources, confidently activate their leadership strategy, and engage leaders who can unlock the full potential of the organization.

We conduct a comprehensive finalist assessment, providing a comprehensive picture of the applicants’ relevant business and functional experience, market and industry knowledge, leadership skills, character, motivation, cultural fit, and potential.


Executive and high potential assesments

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies, gamification, assessment supported by real simulators and expert panels made up of former Vice Presidents and Presidents of leading companies in the region, to support them in the reliable diagnosis of the most suitable people to occupy leadership positions of your organization.

The psychometric study of hundreds of first and second level executives has allowed us to accurately identify the set of basic competencies that a HiPo (High Potential) must have. The potential factor defined by the (7) competencies that have generated greater differentiation in high-impact leaders, accompanied by a review of the motivational scheme and their attitude towards the position, has proven to be a powerful evaluative package to determine the probability of success in the role.

Orientación hacia el resultado
Orientation towards results
Strategic orientation
Empathy and influence
Organizational capabilities
Self learning
Market understanding


Market Research

Having a defined and consistent organizational culture to deal with change will give you clarity and focus when it is most needed. Through our market studies we identify critical points that interfere in the acceleration of the growth of the organization and its teams. We conduct comprehensive studies with highly experienced consultants through research-based intellectual property, cutting-edge tools and methodologies. We managed to find the optimal level and define the change strategies that the organization needs:

We know how great leaders can achieve the challenge of driving growth